Organize meets in your chat groups with ease

MEETplnr is a simple tool that helps chat groups organize meet participants. It eliminates the need to copy and paste the same message again and again just to add names.
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Avi R
Indie developer
I am a part of various chat groups and I am sure like me most of us have a group like 'School Friends', 'Office group1', 'Office group2', 'Kawasaki group..., you get the point. Some of these groups are pretty active with meets. Organizing meets in such groups is actually a pain as everything is text. We loose formatting , numbering etc.. in lots of copy/pastes. I thought of making this a simpler and have come up with MEETplnr. Yes I know there are hundreds of meet schedulers , but I saw a pattern in most of the chat groups , there is not too much needed which the enterprise applications provide. MEETplnr is a simple listing of people interested in joining the meet, once the meet is over it records who attended and who missed. There is also an option to add a cover pic for the meet once its done. I was learning REACT JS a few months ago and thought of creating MEETplnr as a way to learn REACT. It started as a small listing example and I kept adding features. I will be happy to get feedback on the application and keep improving on it.