Share all your social accounts and contact info in one scan.

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2019

It's tiring exchanging all your social media accounts with every person you meet. With MeetPass, meeting new people doesn't have to involve the same repetitive chore you're used to. MeetPass is the ideal way to share your contact information and social accounts with others. It's your digital business card that can be shared with one scan.

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I like this concept (supposing the built-in QR scanner on anyone's phone can store all this information as a contact?), however the requirement of Facebook is a major turn off for me. It's actually a blocker, and I cannot proceed to use your app. I don't imagine Facebook is really required for this app to operate as it describes, so I am hoping to see an update that removes that unnecessary restriction! Interesting concept, though. For a small, passive growth trick, you could add a link to MeetPass in the URL field of a contact card. Cheers.
@christopher_travers Hi Christopher, thanks for trying out the app! I initially chose to use Facebook login to simplify the signup/login process so people wouldn't have to make yet another account for an app that's meant to be quick and easy to use, but I do see your concern with it as well. Are you saying that it would be better to have other avenues of login like Google login, or to just add a traditional signup/login system altogether? Love the idea of having custom URLs — I see the potential for people adding things like resumes, cover letters, etc. Thanks again for the feedback 😃
@rolandtshen For this app, I don't think a sign up process any more complicated than simple phone number confirmation would be necessary. You're in a unique position where a user could simultaneously confirm their account with their phone number while beginning to enter information about themselves that's critical to the success of the user's journey (phone number gets auto-filled in). I honestly don't even think traditional log in, Google, or Facebook is necessary! Just shoot them a confirmation text and let them be on their way. Good looking app, please ping me if you end up adding alternative log in options.

"It's tiring exchanging your social media accounts with every person you meet."

hmm, not really? not sure if its tiring or what is the problem being solved here...

if i want to give someone my IG i just tell them my name, if i want to give someone my FB i just tell them my name, if i want to give someone my number i just tell them my number. you didn't really make this process any shorter, definitely not enough.


simple, nice UI and UX


not sure this app solves any problem, cant see the value

Hi ProductHunt! 👋 Having just entered my first semester of college and meeting an unbelievable number of new faces, I spent the last few months building MeetPass to simplify the process of meeting new people and exchanging contact information. With MeetPass, you can store all your social media accounts and contact information in one place. Make a card, add your Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Venmo (and 20 other) accounts, and instantly share them all through a QR code scan. Each account added shows up as a link to your profile or as a button to directly add you. Whether you’re a student making new friends or a professional exchanging your LinkedIn and Github, MeetPass can really come in handy. Here’s a demo of what someone sees after scanning a MeetPass: It’s currently free and available on the iOS App Store. I hope you all find it as useful as I do! I’m happy to answer any questions and am open to all suggestions. 😄
@rolandtshen nice but most people I meet don't have iPhones (I don't either) so this isn't very useful....
@anna_0x Hi Anna, there is a platform restriction at the moment, but I'm working on learning Android development and putting out an Android version. In the meantime, anybody can scan your pass, whether it be with an Android or iOS device, as the scan brings you to a website instead of populating the information within the app itself. You only need an iOS device to create the card and share them. Thanks for taking a look at the app!
@rolandtshen oh! I see! I didn't realize that, sorry. That's great! Maybe you can add a way for people to create cards directly from the website? So there won't be any need for a native Android app. Maybe a PWA?
I love this app! Super useful for school! Great job!
@daniel_jiang Hi Daniel, I'm glad you find it useful. Lemme know if you have any questions about it!
@rolandtshen Thanks, I'll be sure to private message you.

Facebook login as a requirement is a no from me, and the reason I cannot use it.


Quality concept executed simply & beautifully, if it works as described then it's a good tool to have on my phone


Business model? Is my contact info on the verge of being sold to the first bidder if this fails?