MeetNotes Slack Bot

A slack bot to run meetings from start to finish.

Run your meetings from start to finish on Slack. Prepare agenda, write and share minutes of the meeting, view notes, action items and follow-up with teammates. All from slack.

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Hi Product Hunt, I am the Co-Founder at MeetNotes.We were hunted on Product Hunt a little over a year ago. We wanted MeetNotes to be the answer to the meeting problem-lack of agenda, action items and ineffective follow-up. The amazing support and encouragement we received from this community has strengthened our resolve to make meetings productive, fun and outcome oriented. Today we have launched the MeetNotes Slack Bot. MeetNotes began as a tool to record meeting notes and assign action items. Now, with the MeetNotes bot you can run meetings from start to finish, without leaving Slack. You can send meeting reminders, take and share notes, add agenda, view action items and follow up on them. Meetings, teamwork and communication patterns evolve every day, and we want MeetNotes to be aligned with these trends. Looking forward to your continued support. Share your thoughts and feedback- let’s get more done at meetings.
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@anshum4n Is there any kind of calendar integration with Google or Apple calendars?
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@owen_landefeld Yep! Works with Google and Office 365 out of the box. iCal integration, not yet, but planning soon. If you integrate calendar, it requests to set agenda before the meeting, reminds taking notes for it and then collects feedback once done, all from with-in slack. If you do try it out, would love to have your feedback and comments.

I find it a very useful tool to share meeting notes with customers. The tool makes me disciplined about capturing notes. My customers appreciate the professionalism, and love the neatly formatted notes and action items.

It works best with recurring meetings. Meetnotes automatically figures shows action items from the previous meetings in the series. This makes it easy to go around the room and ask for updates from last time round.

The slack edition now makes it easy to do all this from within slack, so it's a great plus


The meeting summary email is the best feature. It neatly summarizes the attendees, the action items and the meeting notes.


The daily agenda email shows meetings that I have declined or cancelled, and isn't useful for me.

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