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Hi there! Thanks a lot to @charlieirish for hunting us! I work on meetnotes.co along with @saralnigam and @nms91. Meetnotes.co is the simplest way to take meeting notes and record action items for recurring meetings. We wanted a UX that allows touch typing without looking at screen - You just type in a collaborative editor and say @name-of-person and its captured as an action item for the person. Its that simple! We have added a couple of fun collaborative widgets e.g. for Rating which can be embedded right into the notes area. Use it to get a live rating on how good the meeting was or for specific things you want to rate. More coming in this area soon - Polls, Planning Poker, Interrupter, SWOT Template and other decision tools. Looking for your feedback, ideas that product hunt is so much known for. Hope you guys love it and use it for running meetings at your workplace!
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Very Nice @anshum4n. Can MeetNotes also handle Pre-Meeting prep, or does it only begin after the meeting starts?
@sidharthsaxena Thanks! You can put together a plan for the upcoming meeting in the notes area even before the meeting starts. In-fact, any of meeting attendee can collaborate over agenda and meeting plan before meeting starts. Whats missing though is a private notes area i.e. something you want to write, but not yet share with rest of the attendees. A temporary workaround for that is to use "Meet Now" to start a new meeting just with you as attendee, take notes there, and copy into real meeting once you are ready to share. Its not ideal though and we would be adding a private notes widget which can be used for pre-meeting prep. Let us know if you can think of other widgets which would help you make your meetings more productive and interactive e.g. polls, surveys, swot analysis etc.
@anshum4n Thanks. The widget that will be most useful to me is "Cost of a Meeting". Always great to know how much money in terms of employee time is being spent in meetings.
@sidharthsaxena Agree on "Cost of a Meeting". It sounds cool to see $$ cost increasing instead of a timer. Maybe it would put a stop to those never-ending meetings! Added to roadmap.
We released templates for running Retrospective, SWOT and 1:1 meetings https://meetnotes.co/meeting-tem... To use them 1. Go to https://meetnotes.co/meeting-tem... 2. Select a template of your liking and click start 3. Provide your name and email (would be used to share notes later) 4. Invite other attendees or just share the meeting link with them on slack 5. Once everyone is in, they can start taking notes Looking for feedback from PH community on making these templates richer and suggestions on which other templates you would like to see supported.