Personal concierge services for world travelers from locals

MeetnGreetMe is a one-stop shop for getting your things done. Wherever you need it. From meeting upon arrival in Seoul to assisting with organising a meetup in Rome, request verified local MeetnGreeters to deliver services tailored to your needs. Seamlessly. In your language. In 300+ cities around the world.

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Love your promotional video! Great job :)
@simooncave It's true, these guys made a great job! I'm eagerly waiting for their updated interface
@simooncave Thank you! :) It was our first video ever )))
I am totally in love with this idea! @MeetnGreetMe offers world travelers a new concept of a personal concierge service. It is based on local people's hospitality and aims to make your stay in a foreign country comfortable and enjoyable. Now it is easy for every traveler to be a welcome guest everywhere! Everyone can become a member of the MeetnGreetMe Community and get the most enjoyable and easiest access to personal concierge services and an unforgettable experience in a foreign country. According to the information on their landing page, they are now working on new UI/UX, and that's how MeetnGreetMe will look like soon: Based on the value of services you want to get, bid your price in MeetnGreetMe. We are going to France in a week, and we would love to find someone who could help us to get from Honfleur to Mont Saint-Michel and Cancale (no direct trains or buses or blablacars offers). We bid 90 euros, folks! :D
Hi guys! We are @MeetnGreetMe team! We are so excited that we appeared on @ProductHunt with our passionately loved @MeetnGreetMe! MeetnGreetMe is an international social platform which connects business and leisure travelers with local people to offer concierge services around the world. We realized that often people need much more than just a place to stay. What they need is local personal assistance blended with authentic experiences. For example, meeting you when you arrive, arranging visit to a doctor, accompanying to an exhibition, making a reservation at a right restaurant and much more. Concierge services are usually available to those who are ready to pay a lot of money. However, we decided to make them affordable and enjoyed by everyone. And with so many hospitable people around the world this idea became possible! :) We will appreciate your feedback, opinions, improvement ideas and sharing your experience, guys! Thank you for being with us today! :)
@elena_shkarubo Hey, I know you have an awesome story how you come up with your idea. Could you please share it?
@alexstrvinsky Alexandra, we are very thankful for your support! Sure, I would love to share the story :) It all happened one cold autumn evening in Moscow. I was rushing home, dreaming about a warm blanket and hot chocolate. Suddenly I bumped into a nice lady who, surprisingly, seemed to be happy we collided. The lady asked me if I spoke English. When I said «yes» she said that God finally heard her prayers. She was very upset as she was not able to find a grocery store to buy some food. You might be surprised but sometimes it’s a real challenge to get how things work in a new city where people speak a different language. Instead of explaining all the ‘lefts and rights’ I offered to accompany her there. We were walking and talking for two hours! I learnt that she came from Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the way, I learnt her name was Helena too. I helped her with shopping, recommended some traditional foods and told about my life in Moscow (I’m not from Russia originally). When we were saying good-bye to each other, she told me something like «I am so happy I met you! You are my savior!» As you might guess, now she is waiting for me in Sao Paulo! :) On my way home I recollected all the occasional meetings when people from other countries needed my help in different situations. Then I realized that the international community needed @MeetnGreetMe! There are many issues that need to be solved upon arriving to a new country, especially, if you are a business traveler, such as meeting you when you arrive, providing intrepreting services, accompanying to an exhibition, making a reservation at a restaurant and much more. With @MeetnGreetMe and your support we are maing everything possible!)
Great job, congratulations!
@tohashevchenko Yuppie! Thanks for your support! Have you checked out @MeetnGreetMe already?
@elena_shkarubo yep, just registered. I am trying to use it to find some locals in Stockholm who can meet and greet me in next trip :)
@tohashevchenko We see that you have registered. Thank you very much for that! We are happy you joined our community! We will find the best meetngreeter for you in Stockholm.
great idea. what s the cost? you should think also about locals arranging buying local sim cards for your phone.
@ourielohayon Thanks, Ouriel! Yeah, it's a great idea! Sometimes it's a real torture to find a way to stay connected to the world )) Definitely we will add this service! You've just got a good discount ;)
@elena_shkarubo ok. but again what is the cost of your service? impossible to understand from your site. FAQ missing btw
@ourielohayon meetngreeters define how much is their hour, guests say how much they are ready to pay for requested services, and we match them, showing their match rate. As for FAQ - oh, sorry, we will add it ASAP.
@elena_shkarubo mmm. ok but there is a suggested range or per hour? why not package this (3h valet package = 200 USD etc... )
@ourielohayon we will suggest price, that's a right approach, and you can accept it or change it. as for packages - you are right. we are monitoring services pairs and will introduce it soon. when we hosted one event, we made a special package with welcome drink included. It was pretty popular.