An instant recipe for team cohesion

MeetLoaf automatically creates and schedules virtual 1:1s for your teammates to get to know each other better, catchup and learn something new. Whether you're a team of 10 or 1,000 - MeetLoaf pairs and schedules everyone in under a minute.
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Hey PH! I'm Dylan - one of the makers of MeetLoaf - a tool for instantly pairing and scheduling 1:1 (currently virtual) meetings for your colleagues to get to know eachother better and connect across teams. Why MeetLoaf When organizations grow, teams often become siloed. As remote work trends (and currently dominates), organic interactions happen less frequently. We built MeetLoaf to empower People Teams to solve these problems by setting up times for peers to get to know each other better, with a product focused on simplicity and time-savings for both those setting up meetings and those participating. Plus - meeting and learning about your colleagues is fun and enriching! Why we handle scheduling Adrian and I previously created a dating app that automatically set up dates at a specific time and place. Cutting the scheduling back-and-forth lead to a much higher rate of follow-through than typical dating apps. At an event presenting our app, we met an awesome individual in organizational development who suggested we apply the instant match and schedule approach to companies who wanted to build connections across teams. We found a handful of products that excelled in pairing, but found that without a predefined plan, these introductions would often not make it into someone's calendar. By setting the time automatically, we believe people will meet at a higher rate, yielding higher overall company cohesion. Enjoy! And please let us know if you have any feedback!