MeetinVR allows you and your team to break distance barriers by working together in VR workspaces. Simply put your headset on and teleport to a place of infinite possibilities.
Available on Oculus Quest, Rift, Varjo, HTC VIVE, WMR and Windows PC
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36 Reviews4.9/5
Our team is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and for the past 4 years, we’ve been building one of the leading VR collaboration solutions in collaboration with Stanford University and a number of Fortune500 companies. We have now released MeetinVR Beta to everyone! Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary business travel, improve productivity and team cohesion for remote teams, and to help companies reach Sustainable Development Goals. Teams can host meetings that are hard or impossible to do using traditional video-conferencing tools. These include brainstorming and 3D mind-mapping sessions, presentations and reviews, focus groups - to name a few. Of course, it is also a great tool for daily, strategy and high-level planning meetings as well. We care deeply about our user’s experience so any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome. 🙏🏼 Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions or recommendations! Let’s MeetinVR! ️❤️
@tomas_budrys How much time can I spend in VR so that my vision doesn't get damaged?
@nikolay_puzevich although there is no evidence that long exposure to VR screens can cause permanent damage, we recommend taking regular breaks :)
Looks really great and polished! It's annoying how clunky these VR apps usually are... Anyway, do you have any plans to support AR or will it always been fully immersed in the meeting? I'm wondering if you can use this as a productivity tool on your own as well.
@gidea Great question Vlad. We have recently partnered up with top-notch XR headset provider Varjo and entered XR collaboration market. Can find more information or our collab here:
Congrats on your launch! Good luck! 😃🙌
@andreikurtuy Thanks Andrei! We are experiencing a lot of interest these days. So luck is probably on our side 🍀
I had a VR meeting in MeetinVR this morning. It is so cool. Better than real meetings, actually.
@soren_jorgensen That's what we are aiming - better than reality :)
Very cool. Congrats on the launch! When will this be in the Oculus store, or on Steam?
@nassaraf Oculus is changing their policy regarding business apps on consumer app store so we expect to be there by September. If you wish to try now, simply sign up for a 30-day free trial ✌️