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Tried it with gotomeeting just now. Got prompted for my access code and thought, "Oh, here we go, it's just a glorified dialer." That's when the app dialed my access code for me! Next I got prompted to enter an audio PIN or # and it auto-responded to that prompt as well. Nicely done folks, I will definitely use this!
Thanks for featuring our app! The product was inspired by the many conference calls I and the team do from our cars, and by a bunch of bankers who wanted to save money while traveling internationally. I'd love to hear your comments and questions.
I could see the underlying technology forming the basis for a service rather than an app, like for meetings. It'd be cool to embed a link that would either launch this app on mobile or one-click join via the provider's website on the desktop. The links could be configured to enable video and desktop sharing too. Now you've got a business model similar to's whereby what you sell are cross-provider meeting/attendance analytics.
Excited to see this.
Really great tech. Solves a big pain point. I look forward to using it.