Meeting Scheduler for Gmail by cloudHQ

Your meeting scheduler working directly with Google Calendar

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Hi PH friends! I needed a calendar meeting scheduler to work with my Google Calendar so badly... and couldn't find it! So, my awesome team built it! Other calendar meeting schedulers weren't great to use with Google Calendar, which is what I use. I'd encounter these problems: 1) I could never reschedule the meeting because the receiver would never know I changed the meeting time (HUGE!) 2) I never knew what my meeting was about when I went to my Google Calendar because it just said "meeting". I needed to use the calendar meeting scheduler's app to see who I was meeting with and what it was about. 3) The calendar entries were never populated with the correct invitees in Google Calendar. Now, you can send your calendar availability as a link in your email to anyone, let them choose a time that works for them, and it will all work directly with your Google Calendar. And it's free. Enjoy!
Thanks for hunting, @nassaraf! I'm glad we built this because I really needed a solution for this problem too! Especially because I'm in San Francisco, and so much of my family and friends are back in Europe. Scheduling meeting times was so hard, so this was kind of a selfish purpose for me to want to build it. ;) I believe that it will be very useful for anyone who wants to book a meeting in their Google Calendar-- And of course, it's free to use. Cheers!
I so need this. So glad I found it.
@keren_brown Thanks!! Comments like these make all the work worthwhile! :)
Awesome product!
Great product and a time saver!
@waynesutton Thanks! We think so too!