Use Meeting Notes during online meeting to take notes quickly and save it either as text files or into your Zoho Notebook account. Meeting Notes are compatible only with these online meeting software: Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Showtime.
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In this new normal remote work culture, we are witnessing a complete transformation in the way we collaborate and conduct meetings. And, note-taking has always remained an important part of the online meetings. At Zoho Notebook, we noticed none of the famous meeting platforms provide an option to take notes while you're attending a meeting. You need to switch tabs back and forth, between your note-taking application and the online meeting platform to accomplish this. We are looking to solve this problem with "Meeting Notes". The Meeting notes is available as a part of the Notebook web clipper in all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge. How will the Meeting Notes help you during an online meeting? After you install the Notebook web clipper, once you have joined a meeting through online meeting platforms(Zoom, Webex, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Showtime), there would be a Notebook widget at the bottom of the screen as shown in the video above. You can start taking notes instantly by just clicking on the widget. On clicking done, your notes will be saved to your Notebook account automatically or you can even export it as a text(.txt) file. To stay organized, you can add tags and choose the notebook when you save the notes. In the future, we are looking to bring Meeting Notes to other meeting platforms such as Google meet, MS Teams, etc.
Based on the queries we've received, the support of Meeting notes has been extended to GotoMeeting, BlueJeans, and Hangout.
Great idea! 🀩
@anna_voshkarina Thank you πŸ™‚. We are glad that you like the idea. Please give it a try in your online meetings and let us know your feedbacks.
Love the concept @sara_ravi1. This was needed.
@deepanshupal Thanks a lot! We're happy that you love the concept. Keep support us and we're always open for the suggestions.
Great job!!😊 I would like to see a tutorial video or demo video on how to make the web clippers notebook work on video conferencing? I wasn't able to get it while video conferencing
@ayushchandra Thank you πŸ™. You should be able to see the Notebook icon on bottom right corner of your online conference window. Please make sure "Meeting notes" is enabled under web clipper settings. Demo Video: Also please write to us at with details, so we could assist you better.
Seems like ingenious Zoho losing grip on reality. Is that just windows sticky notes alternative 18 years after it's release? Everybody is using sticky notes for online meetings notes for almost 2 decades. And yes hell of a lot of sticky notes alternatives have syns with everything and web apps at least 11 years.
@aaron_levi_yahalom Notebook web clipper is much more than the sticky notes. The extension offers reader view to minimize distractions, a quick way to add PDFs, a tool to swiftly snip and annotate pages and to bookmark those links that you find useful. Meeting notes is another great addition to this feature list to enable users to quickly takes notes during online meetings without leaving the conference window. Please give it a try