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How much of your life are you wasting in meetings?

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm excited to share Meeting Calculator with you. At Jell, we're focused on helping reduce the need for unnecessary meetings, and make remaining ones more productive. That begged the important question: How much time are we spending in meetings anyway? We built something to look at our own stats, and decided to turn that into a free, standalone app so others can check out their data too. Meeting Calculator connects to your Google Calendar, analyzes your meeting activity over the past 365 days, and will instantly tell you: * How many hours you spent in meetings over the past year * What percentage of them were recurring * Your busiest meeting days * How your numbers compare to other users ...and a lot more. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Nice work, Ade! Really cool stats!! Super easy to use, too.
Ade, this is amazing and horrifying. My stomach literally hurts when I look at the details on spend, etc. Nice work!
@jmcgough Haha. Glad to evoke such a visceral response. Thanks!
Going to send this to my boss! Haha Love how easy it is to get stats fast.
Love it - though I'm in an Outlook environment (as are many companies, especially some that looooove meetings). I hope you'll consider a version for the rest of us!