An iPhone app to make meetings less soul-crushing

MeeTime is a beautiful timer app to make meetings less soul-crushing

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Hi Product Hunters, I am a big fan of this site and delighted to be finally posting my first app on here :-) I am passionate about helping people save time to do the things they love.  There are a wealth of apps to help us schedule meetings and to do so without travelling, meaning we are having more meetings than ever before.  There are apps to help prep and to take notes, however, there were not many (if any) that I found that helped people to actually run a meeting. Unlike other timer apps, MeeTime starts when the meeting is supposed to start.  If you are late to start then you should see that the time is ticking and you are already behind.  Even better, when the meeting inevitably goes awry and people run over their allotted time, MeeTime proportionally reduces the duration of the rest of the agenda items to help finish on time. I was fed up of people complaining they never have any time yet I was seeing them sitting in endless meetings they did not need to be at, that started late and always ran over. This app is designed to help traditional corporate employees rather than tech-based Silicon-Valley-style agile scrums, which I can only guess are better(?) It is already gaining some traction, being used by employees in big organisations including Goldman Sachs, Rolls Royce, Nielsen, Hewlett Packard, DXC and Molson Coors, among others. I am hoping it can help a lot of people. This is a side project from my day job, so I’m very excited to be on Product Hunt! Cheers, Gav
This is clever. We normally have apps and tools to plan meetings and manage our schedules, but we're normally not that invested in how to make our meetings more productive through technology. I can't tell you how many times I lose track of time during a meeting. Of course, I can just grab my iPhone and go to the Timer app and see how long we're in a meeting but it's too abstract as it doesn't allow me to track it on an agenda item basis. This app seems to do exactly this, and allow you to allocate time for a person and item before hand. It's a good way to prep and making sure the meeting is as productive as possible. Great idea with lots of potential, would love to see it further developed.
@fouad_tolaib Hi Fouad. Thanks for the kind words. I have had exactly the experience you describe trying to run a large meeting with just a clock. I saw an article that Google ventures uses a Time Timer - a physical product $25-$50 which is good for a visual representation but doesn't help with the agenda split issue you point out. My aim with MeeTime was to address this and there was a fair bit I cut out to get version 1 launched. I have some ideas for future updates but would love to hear any suggestions you have 😀 If you don't want to post them here, you can reach me at
Love it, Gavin! Wrote about it here:
@clefmeister Awesome. Thanks very much Jeff! 😀 Just on the part about running over - the app spreads the lost time amongst the rest of the agenda items so that you have the best chance of finishing on time 👍 Thanks again for covering us!
Looks very good. Great job.
@boristriebel Thanks very much for taking the time so say so, Boris. Glad you like it.