Meet The Operators

Podcast Q&A with the best in the business

This is interview #1 of @zawthet's “Meet The Operators” podcast. The mission is simple: to allow anyone to learn from some of the best in the business on how they scaled their company or organization to success. Zaw's an entrepreneur turned investor, turning to his network to ask all the questions he gets asked every day. This will be a unique resource of insights from around the valley from one of its most connected people.
@dshan - thanks for posting. we've got a great set of interviews already completed...and lots more on the way. we're starting with tech leaders but branching out into sports, military, government, science, education, media, etc. coming up next is an interview with OpenTable CFO, Christa Quarles ( She led Playdom's acquistion by Disney and went on to run big swaths of Disney...then had a stint as COO of NextDoor being taking over the CFO job at OpenTable. An amazing leader and great insights on the psychology behind management.
@zawthet congrats Zaw! What are some staple questions you're going to ask others?
@eriktorenberg @zawthet I've got a bunch of specific questions, but the general categories around scaling companies / growth are: People: hiring, firing, training, incentivizing. Execution / Day to Day: running a meeting, an all hands, checking in with team, managing plan. Culture: mission, core values, teams, belief systems / behaviors, accountability, innovation, office layout. Cash: fundraising, accounting, investors, advisors. Strategy: setting a plan, OKRs / SMART goals, course correct, managing team. Bonus: Best tech / products to use, Networking tips, PR/Marketing, Sales, Life (finding a secret garden)
@eriktorenberg how do we update with additional interviews as they get published? create separate products or do they go under the same banner? The 2nd interview with Christa Quarles (@cquarles) just went up:
Obvious first question: Who else will we hear from @zawthet?
Would love suggestions of anyone the PH community wants to hear from
@zawthet A cross section of industry would be a refreshing change from typical startup-tech podcasts. Would be great to hear from the next generation of sports org operators, as so many are trying to evolve to keep up with younger fans and important new technology platforms.
@zawthet Let's hear from Ryan Graves
@dshan @zawthet we've got a group NFL exec coming up when the season starts...and someone you might have heard from the NBA in the fall
@shaanvp @zawthet he's got a standing invite :)