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There's an interesting trend in human-powered coaching/motivation apps lately., Rise, and even Clarity to an extent. cc @noah_l, @tonystubblebine Alternatively, you could use Capsule to text yourself in the future. 😄
Totally. Plus all of the companies that are introducing coaching as an add-on, like MyFitnessPal. I signed up for Leon.
@rrhoover I've been digging lately.
Creator here. Thanks, @_jacksmith & @rrhoover. In the past, I've rigged up all kinds of solutions (ifttt, google calendar, etc) to be more mindful about what I get done each day, but it's easy to ignore computer generated notifications. Meet Leon is human powered and comes via text--a combo that I haven't been able to ignore. Happy to answer any questions and appreciate feedback.
@jfals82 I saw the site and didn't believe it's human powered. How could it scale? In fact, the background image is stock photography: Your site copy makes me think it's simply a bunch of automated texts. Since you say that's not the case, you might want to be a bit more explicit in stating that.
Why is Leon a beaded guy that looks like Jesus? The slowly zooming image is creepy!
@alxmlv Fair enough.
@jfals82 why did you name this Leon?
@jfals82 @rrhoover simple, it's epic (:
I actually started with, but that turned out to be too slapstick. The name Leon was just a whim that stuck.