Meerkat mount for standing desks.

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After the selfie stick, came the meerstand. :D It's good for standing desks, sitting desks, periscope, and so on.
@v4violetta Thanks for the hunt Violeta! It's great to see that selfie sticks and mobile mounts are going strong. The same can be said for Meerkat and live video streaming in general. I was frustrated that the quality of mobile video streaming was being impeded by stability for certain streams. Hopefully this stand gives people a more natural hands-free streaming experience. There's still so much potential for Meerkat and Periscope. I don't think it will be long until we see a successful startup build on top of livestreaming apps with a Meerkat 'stack'. @benrbn
Ugh, so cute. "Meerstand," even.
It's just marketing ;) there is a billion stands out there like it.
@mikeeshattuck But only one Meerstand 💯
Perfect for my Ukulele Periscopes! No more shaking. (I do have a Ukulele, but I wasn't really planning on Periscoping). Nice idea. The world will benefit from better quality streams. [If the maker arrives: your social media links on the site don't link anywhere.]
@prattarazzi Thanks Eddie! We as a community have a huge space in Meerkat and Periscope for musicians. Witnessing someone perform something completely unique is a really special feeling. Thanks also for noting the social media links!
This is a nice product and I can see it being very helpful and it'll provide different angles for recording and make it easier.