Compact tripod that mounts directly into your phone.

#3 Product of the DayApril 04, 2015
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Someone needs to make a "Meer-pocket," a sow-on breast pocket, so I can walk around like Joaquin Phoenix in Her.
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@thomasmeagher haha I have one shirt that has a perfect pocket for this and almost naturally just started using it for meerkat at SXSW. It's now my meerkat shirt.
@benrbn @thomasmeagher @sterlingtoth I'll do you one better. They come in different iPhone pocket sizes.
@viccsmind where?! This needs to happen.
What about the "Perispod"? :)
This is clever! It has good Amazon rating: Awesome job @kenu
We've seen several Meerkat apps but this is the first hardware product. And it comes with a built-in bottle opener! ๐Ÿ˜›
@rrhoover the bottle opener really is a cute feature that gives the product some personality. I think this product goes a lot further than meerkat though, there are a bunch of reasons I might want a tripod for my camera.
now this i like. don't pigeon hole product to 'meerkat' now periscope has launched. market as a video stream tripod. i'll definately buy one, once i get my hands on an S6 Edge.