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The focus of Meerkat for me has been about engagement and interactivity. So I figured it'd be useful for broadcasters to learn about their most engaged viewers... Who comments most? Who likes the most? When's the best day to stream? All these questions and more can easily be answered. Site is new so feedback is welcome. If you see something wrong, let me know! UPDATE: Blog post -
Very well done, @jsneedles. Here's my profile (I see you, @nivo0o0, @torbahax, @alexyoungkwon): What are you planning to do with this next, Jeff?
@nivo0o0 @torbahax @alexyoungkwon @rrhoover Next is more stats from the audience perspective. Not everybody likes to broadcast... So the same kind of info can be provided to help determine who you like to watch, maybe who your meerkat friends could be (based on similar patterns). Lot of possibilities... LOTS of data (which I love)...
@jsneedles @nivo0o0 @alexyoungkwon @rrhoover Half of these comments are from Erik's freestyle sesh lol
@jsneedles @nivo0o0 @torbahax @rrhoover Do you plan to build one for Periscope..? I went to check out my stats. It's blank :(.. it's hard for non-influencers to gain any users on @appmeerkat to be honest. On @periscopeco, I have 8,000 hearts + regular audience so far.
@nivo0o0 @torbahax @rrhoover @appmeerkat @periscopeco @alexyoungkwon Not planning a Periscope Stats anytime soon... I'm not even sure if that'd be possible (as of now). But I am working on more things to help discovery & non-broadcasters enjoy stats.
@benrbn might want to add this to his Meerkat Hunt collection. 😃
@rrhoover Already did!
this is cool! great job Jeff!