Meerkat on Android

Meerkat client for watching live streams on Android

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Hi everyone! This community is beyond amazing. The love and support Meerkat is getting in the past days just blows the team's mind. We love & hug you. We wanted to show Android users, that even though times are crazy right now, we won't forget them. So @rotemitz pulled all nighters over this weekend, so we can at least give back some of the experience. But rest assured android friends, we know you deserve better! Thanks everyone. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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@rotemitz @benrbn This is awesome, Thanks to you and your team! Can't wait to get the full experience!
Meerkat is now on Android. For watching only, no streaming functionality yet.
I am super happy, but I'd be even happier when you guys announce streaming for Android. No pressure. :D
Awesome, just downloaded!
Downloaded :)