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Hi guys! We’ve been hard at work on Android over the past few weeks and would love for you all to be the first to try our beta. Let us know what you think! It's not perfect, it's probably far from it. We just couldn't help it and had to give Android users access too. We also have some fun announcements coming up. Feel free to @mention me with questions and see you all on Meerkat! Ben
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@benrbn Good luck guys!
@kobaiko thank you!
@benrubin We just posted about this on @TheNextWeb... Meerkat beats Periscope to Android, now available for download http://tnw.co/1GBKMU6
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@mattnavarra thank you Matt 👊
@benrbn - now all my Android friends can stop criticizing you. 😉 Android is much more "open" than iOS, offering a lot more flexibility for app makers. What Android-only functionality do you plan to add in future releases? Might we see an Android launcher or widget some day?
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@rrhoover haha 😃 --when @rotemitz coded this, a launcher / widget was all he talked about :-) we believe it could be very powerful!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally.
Hell yeah, thanks for android love :)
@oelmekki thanks for being patient 😍😍