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#2 Product of the DayJune 26, 2015
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Hi everybody! I’m super excited to be hunting my first product as a part of the Meerkat team. We’ve brought you the ability to stream and interact from anywhere… Now we’re enabling you to spread your content anywhere on the web via a simple embed. I know that this is something not only streamers have asked for… but developers too! We’re excited to see what kind of products can be made using this embeddable player and our public API. The meerkat embed is smart. It knows to show your live stream when you’re live. It will allow visitors to subscribe to upcoming streams when you have one posted. If you don’t have an upcoming stream, it will allow visitors to follow you, and see stats from your last broadcast. You’ve got 3 size options for the embed, to best fit the layout of your site, with a toggle to enable or disable the participation layer on the video. And just to be sure you are in control of your site’s appearance… we’ve enabled you to point at any image on the web as your custom cover photo when you're not live. Easily generate your own embed at More detailed documentation can be found at Thanks so much to the entire Meerkat team that has put out yet another awesome product! If you’ve got any feedback or questions, please let me know! Finally, if you'd like to read more of the philosophy behind this product:
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@jsneedles shweeeeet! Would be awesome if as typing in information, it previews what the embed will look like.
@jsneedles really slick way to produce the embed code. nice work needles!
@jsneedles so it sort of turns your meerkat into a channel? i.e. if I put an embed on web, whenever I stream from my account it will go live? Or is the embed specific to a stream ID?
@sammybauch @jsneedles Embed is user-specific. And there is definitely some interest in using the API to pull live users based on hashtags... Like @sharkweek will be doing :-)
@jsneedles Awesome job to you and the whole Meerkat team! Embed + @sharkweek looks amazing, looking forward to seeing it.
Thank you Jeffrey 😃😃😃 We are very excited to put this product out! Especially with the API, this could lead to many cool use cases 🎉 Happy to hear feedback and answer any questions!
@benrbn This is great! Congrats from the entire #Katch Team - go Team Meerkat!
@tarikh thank you!!! 😍😍😍
Nice guys, looking forward to using this!
So many awesome uses for this, such a great addition to Meerkat.
Good work, love it