Meerkat Chrome Extension

Allows commenting via web (Unofficial, MK dev community)

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#4 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2015
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Ben Rubin
Ben RubinHunterHiring@benrbn · Co-founder, Life On Air Inc
This is a beautiful solution for commenting via Web. --We are totally amazed by the love we get from developers, and we are committed to support it.
Yoav Hornung
Yoav Hornung@yoavush · Co-founder +
@benrbn this is amazing dude. Heart warming
Alon Carmel
Alon CarmelMaker@aloncarmel · Product guy, developer, entrepreneur
Thanks @benrbn for the love! :) enjoyed doing this with @omriariav :) gotta love code weekends :)
Omri Ariav
Omri AriavMaker@omriariav · Product Manager @ Appnext
@benrbn @aloncarmel Thanks! It actually was an effort of 48 hours of work. after an annoying experience of trying to position our iPhone to stream us live and still chat with the viewers we decided to build the first meerkat plus web interface to any meerkat stream!
Niraj Pant
Niraj Pant@niraj · Researcher @UIUC
Wow love this! I've actually started documenting the Meerkat API if anyone is interested: The new extensions to Meerkat I've are super fun - I would love to see a Mac client that lets you upload as well.
Adam Benayoun
Adam Benayoun@deleted-3817
Installed it and love it!