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I’m really stoked to introduce Cameo, a new feature we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. Cameo lets the broadcaster invite viewers to take over their stream for up to 60 seconds. Meerkat is all about powerful spontaneous shared experiences, and Cameo is the strongest manifestation of this vision we've introduced yet. It's also just the beginning. We’ve been quietly testing it out the past few weeks and it’s really fun — changes the whole dynamic of the stream. We’ll streaming all day today from @AppMeerkat, tune in and we’ll cameo you in! #CameoParty 😎 I’d love to hear who your dream Cameo would be? Any feedback you have or what you think an interesting cameo use case could be. Leave your comments here. As a bonus in this update… we’re introducing Facebook graph so you can extend your meerkat network to those you’re friends with or pages you follow on Facebook.
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@benrbn This has absolutely been the coolest thing to work on.... so far 😎🙊
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@benrbn The Pope. Politicians running for office will absolutely use this (for video town halls) if they're smart, but a world leader with a billion followers is the killer app.
@benrbn Cameo is an awesome feature (on paper) - looking forward to trying it out IRL. Meerkat Library & Facebook connections are spot on too - keep up the good work!
@benrbn I'd like to see a true split/screen feature for inviting on guests to chat. 60 seconds just isn't enough time.
@ramykhuffash @benrbn Thank you Ramy!
@benrbn has been talking about this movement toward "participatory" apps and experiences since Meerkat blew up 4 months ago. This is their biggest update, giving the audience an opportunity to join the conversation and “take over” the broadcaster’s stream. So smart. I’ll be hosting a Product Hunt cameo session today at 4pm PST here. Would love to chat with you all. 😊
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@rrhoover AWESOME
@rrhoover this fits well with what feels like @meerkat's move toward content creators over regular folks.
@chrisfnicholson @rrhoover interesting. Why do you think that Chris?
@benrbn @rrhoover Btw Ryan, that's our friend @willydennis in that 😱
How about #Cameoke? @jsneedles @benrbn 👯🎤🎤
@bentossell LOL 😂 actually , not a bad idea. have you seen YY?
@benrbn @bentossell YY? (that's a no haha)
@bentossell i think its a clever product :) but yeah it's a bit weird. we can learn a lot from how YY keeps people engaged and has strong community, same as YouNow. Great products that deal with live video and large communities in a unique way.
Future of Q&As.
Can't wait to take over @jsneedles' stream :)