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Hi everyone, Meerkat is an open platform. We want to create a community for third party developers to interact and work together with the Meerkat dev team. There is a lot more to be done with video live streaming and we are here to support you. We all get better by working together. Few rules :) [+] Participation is core to Meerkat, so don’t enable anonymous watching. [+] Watchers should be active participants. [+] Give the broadcaster the ability to opt-in to saved streams. We hope you'll enjoy it :) --The Meerkat Team is here for you.
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@benrbn Amazingly awesome!
@benrbn This is super exciting for us Meerkat enthusiasts (and of course for the future of Meerkat)! What does the perfect Meerkat ecosystem look like to you, in regards to what kinds of 3rd party solutions get developed?
@marc_rosa I think that there's a lot to do in discovery. our immediate focus on that front is to provide enough access that people could build meaningful clients to participate and discover streams based on different verticals and data intersections.
@benrbn great work Ben, Uri, and team!
@benrbn Congrats Ben and Team! This should open up a world of new uses. Excited to see what's ahead.
When's the Meerkat hackathon, @benrbn? 😀
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@benrbn @rrhoover +1 would like to know :)
Super excited to make Meerkat Stats an official API consumer. So my question for @benrbn - Was an API on the roadmap from the beginning? It's certainly a differentiator, especially with Twitter's rocky history of relations with its developers.
Meerkat just announced their public developer API. With 37 teams currently building on top of Meerkat, including Katch, Meerkat Stats and Meerkat Streams, I'm looking forward to seeing how new products take advantage of this API.
This is awesome and takes Meerkat to new levels! Congrats @benrbn and the team.