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Hi guys! Co-founder of Air here. I was hoping to get some feedback on this new thing we’ve been working on called Meerkat. --Meerkat's mission is to get live streams to travel at the speed of tweets, so it's riding the fastest news distributor network out there, Twitter. Recently, we've been thinking about the wide range of news events and conversations happening around the world. Whether it’s civil rights issues being protested in Ferguson or musicians interrupting each other at an awards show, we kept wondering if we could get access to these moments in an easier way. We wanted to give you the option to press one button and stream live video over Twitter in the most frictionless way possible. Seamlessly moving the conversation that happens on the live stream to Twitter and vice vera. It's a "Hands off" live streaming layer on top of Twitter, so all connections are made automatically for you on the go. You don't need to do anything, there is no search/profiles/feed etc. As soon as you want to live stream something all your followers on Twitter will be notified that you're going live and can start watching you and what you're seeing. Lastly, you can also schedule upcoming streams in the next 24 hours. Think about it as a live video button for Twitter :) Looking forward hearing from you all! Ask me anything!
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@benrbn I really like the onboarding and simplicity of the app. I can see it being an effective anti-FOMO tool for friends (and especially fans) Do you see the product evolving to a point where users would have the ability to charge a small fee to access the stream?
@benrbn Could use @linktexting linktexting.com!
@linktexting @blaurenceclark right! that's great! thanks!
@benrbn took me a couple of days to check this out...but this is dope. Slick access and a great shared experience. How are you addressing "questionable" or offensive content?
@benrbn fantastic stuff Ben. Goid luck.
I was working on the same exact app... kinda depressed right now. :'(
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@httpete PETE! What makes you think you are not capable of doing something better/different? It would be a very sad world if people just give up on ideas. I can tell you that live video space is still broken in terms of distribution mechanism, and that obviously Meerkat is not perfect. there's a very good chance that anyone in the world would come up with a better product / perspective. Please, go back to code. that's how we all build better things together, even when we work separately. --we learn from eachother.
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@httpete @benrbn Awesome response. Keep on truckin Pete!
Thanks for you answer :) I do not plan on giving up the development... but the concept is not similar, it is literally the exact same concept (mechanism around twitter etc...) Well, I am going to fight on UX/UI though ;) see you
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@httpete @benrbn Ben, what an incredibly generous and encouraging thing to say. Whether or nor meerkat succeeds (and it seems to be going really well!), you have already succeeded at life with an attitude like that. Thank you for brightening my day.
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@mattnavarra I enjoyed your broadcast of the Eclipse :)
I just streamed my first meerkat (is that what we're calling it). Unlike most livestreaming sites like Twitch, Livestream, or the recently released betaworks app, Upclose (cc @matthartman), Meerkat videos can't be rewatched (afaik). This might seem counterintuitive because it heavily reduces the amount of content viewers can consume but it the ephemerality makes each livestream a little more special, knowing it can't be seen ever again. They're playing on FOMO. @benrbn we've seen several mobile-first livestream apps in the past. Why will this one work?
@matthartman @rrhoover thanks man. 1// Streams are for you to decide what to do with them post streaming. we don't save them. but in the end of the stream *you can choose to keep them on you phone library*. 2// Meerkat is heavily integrated with twitter, every stream is a twitter thread. comments = replies, restreams = retweets, likes = favorites. after ferguson we thought that we could do a better job in distributing live video by putting it completely on top of twitter + mobile. 3// There is no anonymous viewership, you must have twitter to watch, even on web. everyone (on mobile) can press the watcher's icon and see who they are. --->That, and mandatory twitter login, make both sides (watchers & broadcasters) committed to a better quality of content.
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@matthartman @benrbn @rrhoover i agree with Ryan. Rewatch is important. Your twitter friends may not be "on" as you broadcast
@matthartman @rrhoover @ourielohayon Thanks Ouriel. -- we think that live video is broken in terms of distribution, so we started with that and the live experience attached to it. For us live video carries many unexplored emotions; drama, anticipation, unpredictability. We choose to focus, mainly for the users sake, on that experience only. and for the broadcasters - they can always keep the video on thier phone once their stream is over. there are a lot of great VOD/"rewatch" platforms that you can upload the video to later. For starts, it made more sense for us to want you to come for one reason. not two :)
@matthartman @benrbn @rrhoover I can see this being a very interesting point to it. art that you can only experience at the moment has a different feel to it than something you can rewatch, re-read or re-experience. And while that may not be the primary use here, I bet it'll be used that way soon. (edit - didn't see that you can save it. That changes my above point.)
@matthartman @rrhoover @golocalapps haha thanks! the big green button you have once you end your stream (only you can save your own streams)
This is actually really cool! Just went through the hashtag on twitter and watched a couple of live streams for a bit, a very nice break from work. Found it neat that it lets the streamer know who is watching. Its nice to see live streams becoming more famous with services like these
@ana_m_medina Thanks Ana. Saw your delay feedback. >> We are committed to high quality, we don't want disconnections and we want to have amazing quality. we started with a 10sec buffer which we believe is crucial in order to deliver good smooth experience to thousands of watchers. -for example, the app actually handles incoming calls or even moves to audio if you are in a low connectivity zone.