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Hey, Product Hunt! 🚀 Meerkad is a growing community of 5k+ remote job seekers from around the world. We collect remote jobs by hand and moderate manually by two curators and over a dozen contributors. Thanks to them for all their work! Hi, my name is Arsen, I’m a full-stack web developer and about 5 months ago I started searching for a remote job and ran into some serious problems. Like how the “mainstream” job boards were wasting my time, showing the same jobs listed again and again. Not to mention the fact the big boards won’t publish jobs that are on companies’ websites, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. You could gather these job positions manually ... but how? That’s what I asked, and decided to create a Google Spreadsheet and then a web platform I called Meerkad. With Meerkad, you can see remote jobs gathered by hand … even from communities such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit that are “invisible” to the big job aggregators. 👉 Meerkad Features ▫️ Browse jobs for free ▫️ Jobs collections for developers, designers, marketers and customer support ppl ▫️ Telegram community to discuss jobs, companies and remote work ▫️ Post a job ▫️ Email alerts about new jobs 🎯 The next big goal is to improve the speed of gathering job openings and their quality. It’s tough because we manually search them, vet and post. Far from perfect yet, but we do our best. I believe that everyone can find a dream job. I hope what I’ve built will help good people find good work faster and easier. I want to personally thank our first users for patience, team for not giving up, and also @csallen and @channingallen for IndieHackers community, and thank them together with @marckohlbrugge and @fajarsiddiq for their WIP and Ramadan Makers communities that have always supported and suggested which direction to go with this project. Thank you for being a part of it! Ars
congratulations on the launch!!
@fajarsiddiq thank, Fajar. It's a pleasure to see you here!
Looks awesome! How much does it cost to post a job?
@tonixx thank you for the kind words! Post a job is completely free For those companies who want to build the remote team in a short period of time or want to get as many candidates as possible we offer these promotions: 1. Pin a job on the top of the feed on our website Usually job posted today won't be on the first page tomorrow. Pin helps a lot to attract as much attention as possible in this case. [€49/month] 2. Job opening promo in the daily Meerkad newsletter with 5k+ subscribers. Some of the users don't visit the website on a daily basis but read our emails. [€49/week] 3. Promo a job in our weekly digest which you could already see. Digest posted on 25 Facebook groups, 9 Linkedin groups, DEV.TO community and HackerNews. The target audience is huge and about 230 thousand of views as we counted two weeks ago. [€49/week] The price is €49 for each type of promo. Bundle with all promotions for one job costs €88 (-40% discount). I'm looking forward to your feedback Ars
Congratulations with launch on PH! I’ve been following you for a long time and already found remote job using your site!
@guzel_akramova wow! This is the biggest reward for us. Thank you for sharing with us :)
Impressive site. Your efforts at strengthening the remote work culture, should not go unnoticed. Good job and best wishes.
@dsarkar Thank you, Debajit! We really appreciate your feedback!