Meepo Board

Electric skateboard for $280

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Meepo Board is an affordable electric skateboard for skaters, by skaters.




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Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Wow these are getting inexpensive. Biggest criticism of all these new electric boards (I watch a lot of review videos and try to stay on top of them all) seems to be reliability of control when operating. They're getting faster, cheaper, and sometimes longer range, but if you have trouble controlling it while you ride it's a major issue. This is a big advantage that older boards have on newer one's that haven't been through as much testing and QC. That doesn't mean the new ones don't have a chance, it's just going to take more time for them to catch up and reliability needs to be a big focus for them to compete.
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
How does it compare to a Boosted Board? Looks awesome
Patrick LoonstraHunter@patrickloonstra · Designer at
@joshdance Have not ride both of them. But did a lot of YouTube research when choosing the Meepo. Videos' like
The main conclusion is that the Boosted is better. But the price of the Meepo made me choose this one. Also not sure a electric skateboard is the best option for my commute. So this is a good start. I can always 'upgrade'.
Patrick LoonstraHunter@patrickloonstra · Designer at
@joshdance Update: Have my one now for a week and love it. It is better then I dreamed it would be.
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@buxx Nice! I will have to try one out.