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Hi, I am Ravi, co-founder/CEO of Meed. We are currently exclusive to top 28 U.S. Universities. We have been improving our talent product over past year to make it really easy for companies to access top student talent. Signing up, building a company profile and posting jobs are free and simple. The best part of Meed platform is when you don't have to wait for the applications to arrive, instead start inviting students you like from our curated matches. Fellow entrepreneurs and startups - You might have so many tasks to be completed at an economical cost. Post your part-time jobs or internships on Meed today and get help from top talent!
@raviformative Streamlines the process for employers AND students -- love that! Any plans for expanding to other universities? What are your thoughts on super talented kids you might be missing out on (unable to pay to attend elite schools)?
@lejlahunts - Great question and thank you for the support. Our mission is to provide students with career paths that they deserve. It's a tough problem to solve and we've set several goals to achieve it. Our current goal is to fix some of the fragmented processes that created a gap between industry and academia. We are trying to achieve it by closing the product to an initial focused set of students. This is from our philosophy of building best products by learning and quick iteration which will soon be ready for use by everyone. For example: we spent 8 months in designing layout for Meed's student profile after research from recruiters and their ATS (applicant tracking systems). And this was couple of years ago. We've picked 28 universities that are strong in the segments we are going after. It might give an impression of discrimination but our data shows that not every student from these universities are successful right from the start. For example, I am one of them and only I know how many challenges I faced out of college to get the job I love. And this is changing. Changing at a faster pace. We want to be part of that transformation and add value to the system as we are aware of the depth and breadth of the problem we are going after. Thanks again for the question and please watch out this space for some interesting updates this fall.
We have been working with Ravi and team at Meed since they were, and looking for funding. Their team is incredibly responsive and helpful with support around posting jobs, responding to product requests, and updating our company profile on their site. We have been able to successfully target the right student population we're hiring for (computer science), at the best universities and get them to apply for our jobs! It's a great platform for branding your company and finding great talent!
As someone who is hiring right now, I think this might be a great platform to hire some freshers who are interested in our industry and have the right skills.
I can see some big names in there..!! Congratulations on getting hunted. :)
great video! have you thought about whitelabeling it and selling it as a solution to universities themselves, possibly with some custom/admin features?
@zushizack - thank you and yes - that's a long term play as our core value proposition is bringing top talent and industry together. Some of the universities started supporting our efforts (USC and Berkeley) in some way or the other. So our focus is on building value to students than universities at the moment!