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Misbah Ashraf
Product Growth @toymailco
Hello Product Hunt! I want to share an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Meed, the professional community for students. Meed is a platform where students build their careers and create professional identities beginning their freshman year all the way through post-graduation. Students showcase their coursework and independent projects in portfolios attached to their profile. Each portfolio item is then placed into one to three different collections (sub-communities), followed by other students, recruiters, and industry experts. Influencers The Meed Influencers Program is for any industry professional, in other words not a student, that is interested in building their brand (ex: increase followers on your twitter profile) among the next generation of students by sharing their experiences, answering questions, and performing AMAs (Ask Me Anything). As an early beta Influencer (getmeed.com/misbah), I have been helping students by answering questions and commenting on their submissions. I have already gained a large following of students by creating a collection called “Product, Design, and Growth”. Not only do I have the satisfaction of helping students but I was also able to increase my follower base on FB and Twitter (Yes, you can include them on your Meed Influencer profile). Meed features Influencers in their digest email and on their homepage, allowing students to follow your profile and ask you questions about your past experiences. For recruiters, becoming an Influencer is particularly useful. Recruiters can promote their company’s brand and answer hiring process specific questions students may have. Collections are an excellent channel to get to know potential hires more intimately. Check out my profile and some of my collections, which are followed by students from MIT and Stanford among other universities, below. Please ask any questions to @raviformative!
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Ravi Vadrevu
@misbahspeaks - thanks for sharing. I am glad you are enjoying it being an influencer. Hello PH, It's glad to be back here. We are pleased to announce Meed influencers. It's a great way to build your brand by helping current students who are smart, hungry and needs help in every which way. With Meed Influencers, for the first time we are aiming to bridge the gap between the industry and academia through sub-communities called collections. Anyone can create and follow collections. They define your interests. Collections consist of links, questions, or any thoughts from students and influencers. Starting today we are planning to select and feature influencers every week by kick starting it with a brief AMA session (ex: https://getmeed.com/ama/vmk-google), promoted across all our student communities. This not only builds fanbase for you on Meed but also on existing social networks (FB & Twitter). People who are interested in becoming an influencer please tweet at @terrellworr, our director of community and content - she will get you on board! Looking forward to answer any questions!
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