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The professional network For Millennials

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Man how the world has changed in ten years.... Wish I had this out of college haha
@samir_doshi - I know right. It all started during my university days. Took 5 long years to get here! :)
Hi PH Community, I posted on PH several months ago about Meed 1.0 and how they are bridging the gap between industry and academia with their job marketplace for students. A few months ago, @raviformative and his team made big changes to the product, resulting in Meed 2.0 - The Professional Network For Millennials. Meed 2.0 is based on the fundamentals of how current university students think and work. Students sign up for Meed and follow their peers and university students from across the United States and Canada, based off their interests and background. Every student is part of at least one large public group based off their major that is accessible to everyone on Meed (Ex: Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Business, Liberal Arts, Marketing, Healthcare, Women In STEM etc). "Meed career service enhances Stanford network" -- Right off the bat, each user can share their work, independent projects, resources, and opinions on trending topics with a large engaged audience. Similar to Reddit, the best content surfaces to the top by a comprehensive voting system. Students are using Meed to gain visibility by sharing relevant professional content and in the process have started to build extensive networks by following each other and industry professionals. The following article further elaborates on how students are making the most of Meed: With Meed 2.0, Ravi and his team are launching new tools for alumni, recruiters and any successful industry professional (all known as Influencers) to get in touch with this untapped market by participating in, and in many cases creating their own communities. Through this process, Influencers can post jobs and internships, along with building their own social media fan base on Meed. For example take a look at @callmesaqi’s group on Meed, “Women in Stem” - A community dedicated to advancing women’s causes and equality in the STEM field. Communities like this are a great opportunity to increase you or your company’s following with the next generation of young professionals. Since the launch of Meed 2.0 in November, they saw massive viral growth hitting a milestone today of 50,000 registered users, 45000 in the last 3 months, from 250 Universities across the US. I wanted to share this with y’all so you can sign up as an influencer or recruiter to attract millennial talent. I have been an influencer for the past 3 months and many of the students I interact with are incredibly intelligent.
I'm so glad someone is doing this. I think this should be mobile first. Good luck!
@dannylowney thank you and completely agree. Mobile is coming!
@dannylowney Please sign up as an influencer and do an AMA. Every experience sharing counts for the millennials. :)
I love it! Your growth is very impressive.. Considering this is a social network of students.. This would be an excellent place to find open study groups/make friends/find workout partners/arrange group meals/arrange group grocery discounts/arrange multi-passenger student ride sharing schedules/buy/sell/trade textbooks/find partnerships across various fields for collaboration projects/virtual tutoring platform/etc.. Excuse my brainstorm just really enjoyed the core concept of your product and thought I'd explore.. Thank you.
@jay_bee12345 you just described what students are doing on our platform and our product road map :)
This is totally awesome! I will definitely be signing up and trying it out as soon as you guys add my school! ;) (Rochester Institute of Technology)
@imtheandylee - You should be able to sign up if you have a ".edu" email
@raviformative I'm actually trying to sign up as an alum, but I'm guessing that nobody from RIT has signed up as a student, so RIT isn't listed? Let me know if I'm doing something wrong!
@imtheandylee - Ha! Guess what, we've just opened gates for RIT through PH. You can sign up now to be part of the public Designers Community where you see posts from students across the US. And in the meanwhile, we will try and start growing at RIT!
@raviformative That's fantastic! Thank you so much for your help :) Best of luck with everything!