Tap & draw to create your song. No musical skills needed.

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I think someone renamed Garageband?
@baldajan, This is iPad only right? Any plans for iphone?
@rameshdot0 yes - it's iPad only. We do have plans to bring it to iPhone, can't give a timeline though.
Choose from 69 instruments and 9 drum kits to create your song.Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Medly offers everything you need to create your song. Its fun!!
Hey, I'm one of the guys that built Medly. Medly is designed to let anyone create great music, and we're really excited to see it out in the world. Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have!
@baldajan First honest question, how is this different/better than Garageband?
@joshdance remove all the instrument interfaces (for iPad), strip down the track view where it's only the piano roll, and make that the app - is a simplified description of the difference. But because our piano roll interface is the main app/interface, we've spent a lot of time tuning it's tools and gestures, for faster composing. The reason we believe this approach is better, is it's far easier to compose custom melodies in Medly than GarageBand (without having to play on beat in one of their instrument interfaces). It also allows us to expand to loops later on, and better yet, custom loops.
@baldajan Nice. Looks great.