Medium TOC

Easily create a 'Table Of Contents' for your Medium article.

Medium TOC is an easy way to add a table of contents to your medium article. Just enter a link to the article and hit go, and your contents will be generated. Then, just copy and paste the table of contents into your Article.

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Useful for long articles with multiple sections.


Easy to use | simple UI



Hi, cool design! Although I always get an error: "There was an error fetching content. Make sure the URL is correct and you are connected to the internet." πŸ€”
@destinerio Can you try again, and if it persists, dm me on twitter?

We have to wait for idea that will also work on mobile device (inside Medium app).


Easy to use, extreme simple and really cool.


Doesn't work on mobile APP 😒

Sorry about the mobile support! There is no workaround at the moment, but when there is I will update!
Awesome product! Really useful for long stories. Thanks for making @adam_kelly :)
@dinisuru_madawala Thanks! Would be great if you could leave a review!
Very easy to use!
@sromana14 thanks! I tried to keep it simple, and there are extra instructions if an error is thrown!