Medium Reading List Manager

Sort your medium reading list in just one click

Medium Reading List Manager is a quick and easy way to sort your medium reading list. Medium RLM saves your sort selection so that everytime you load your reading list, it gets sorted. You can easily switch or clear your selected option in one click!

Sort your articles by:

1. Reading Time

2. Post Date By Year

3. Author Name

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I had an issue with Medium's reading list not letting me sort by reading time. I usually like to read shortest articles first. So I created this first draft to help me and anyone else out. More updates are surely to come! Check it out!
Nice! Are there plans to allow users to sort by a criteria that they define (i.e., by custom topics/themes)?
@herbosa Thank You! It will depend on how Medium makes topic/theme data available. I had thought about showing the user a topic list of their bookmarks based on how medium tags those articles. Selecting a topic will give you bookmarks from that topic. This will be in a later iteration.