A new way to build relationships and share stories with your Medium audience. With a single click, readers can subscribe to Medium Newsletters from posts published on Medium.
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Medium's relaunch of Letters — cleared aimed at the success of Substack. So did Medium try to acquire Substack and were rebuffed, or did they realize they could just reboot the feature internally?
Nope. Just nope. If you don't own the list of subscribers, you haven't really built an audience. This is just you doing free marketing for Medium, and locking yourself and your fans into their ecosystem. Big, unequivocal nope.
@chuckmeister9 except that if you join the Medium Partner Program, you're getting paid...
@chrismessina True, but personally I'd rather own my list and monetize it on my own terms. With this model, I'm assuming your subscribers need to be paying Medium members in order for you to make money. And a much smaller percentage of that revenue will make its way back to you than if people signed up for you directly on Substack.
This seems a little more like Everything, which is bundling up newsletters, rather than like Substack... similar, but different. This offering is a benefit to Medium subscribers and authors who have decided to publish on Medium.
@chrismessina ahh yes that's a much better comparison, spot on with who it's made for imo
Finally! how its different than substack? 🤔
@musharofchy major difference for me is you can’t access any of your subscriber emails, all is locked into medium
@graeme_fulton So, it's a disadvantage for content creators in long term but, good for end-users.
@musharofchy yeah also, for people to subscribe to the medium newsletter, it looks like they need to create a medium account as well
@graeme_fulton Damn, so they did it to grow their ecosystem and keep up with substack, sorry for being pessimist 😂
@musharofchy haha i don't think saying what we see is pessimistic ! from using it, that's what I experienced. It's really good but yeah but for a newsletter, surely a core feature is seeing who is subscribed - i don't even know who i'm writing to