Medium Membership

$5/month for an ad-free experience with premium content


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's no surprise Medium's heading in this direction after @ev's blog post announcing a change in their business model. I'm hopeful and curious to see how its received, but it's unclear what type of content $5/mo will buy you right now. Curious to hear peoples' thoughts on this!
Gabriel Lewis
@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
I wish @Twitter would offer a similar monthly service with no ads and premium features. 😄
Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Akshay Chauhan
@akshayspaceship · UX Designer
Never noticed any ads on Medium before. Maybe I am too good at skimming through content..
Andrew Ettinger
@andrewett · Product Marketing, Twitter (ex-PH)
I'll pay to watch @caseynewton's Series