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Hey! My name is Tyler and I was one of the IOS engineers who worked on the mobile editor. Happy to answer questions if people have them :)
I was speaking with @besvinick about Medium's lack of publishing/writing features on their mobile app. I think they were listening to us. πŸ˜‰
@besvinick @rrhoover Oh man, finally. I have been waiting for this for months now.
I spotted that Medium snuck in a little song in the update details! Who else saw this?
Nice work, @tyler_hedrick. Medium has always been a place for longer form, well-thought writing, something generally not ideal on a mobile experience. How do you imagine people will use the iOS app for publishing and can you share any surprises you uncovered working on the project?
@tyler_hedrick @rrhoover also has this been in the pipeline for a longtime? were there a non-trivial amount of people writing stories manually from their phone? what was the breaking point for the team to finally prioritize it
@rrhoover I'm really excited about the new stream view and I think it's going to pave the way for more casual content on Medium. The iOS editor just solidifies that by allowing anyone, anytime to publish a Medium post. I'm expecting and hoping to see much more short form content from everyday life. Medium is really becoming the place for everyone's stories and ideas on the web.
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg This has been the top requested feature since we launched bookmarks in the app last year. We really wanted to get mobile publishing right and launch something we were proud of. We started implementing the iOS editor about 2 months ago.
@tyler_hedrick @rrhoover I'm curious how this is going so far / will go. I wrote on Medium a bit this past week (on my laptop). Even with beautiful design, I wonder the form factor of mobile just doesn't work for long-form creation (or consumption). Maybe that'll change with time i.e. I didn't think I'd squint to read news articles on an iPhone 10 years ago and I do today. But I'm still skeptical.
Really like how the Headline and Blockquote features were implemented...well done!
@kaz thank you! Glad you like it :)