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I've heard rumors Medium was exploring the podcast space and while this isn't podcasting, it's in the audio space. I like this move, and makes it easier to justify paying $5/mo for a Medium Membership (which launched a few months ago) when people are so conditioned to read news/articles for free. Note: 8 months ago some clever guys hacked together a Chrome extension that robot reads every Medium article. This also reminds me of Umano, an app of professionally voice read blog posts and articles. Unfortunately, it couldn't hit the scale it needed and shut down. Perhaps they were too early as voice becomes more accessible through Alexa, Google Home, AirPods, connected cars, etc.
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@rrhoover is it read by a humon or text-to-speech?
@ggnall humans. Text-to-speech (as the Play chrome extension supports) is too robotic. Professional readers imbue personality and engage the listener much more.
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@rrhoover I miss Umano even now! Hoping MAS sticks around for ever!
@rrhoover nice. Totally agree. Couldn't stand as a premium feature otherwise.
How soon before this content is available on Alexa-enabled devices?
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@chrismessina As far as I know there is no availability to create alexa skills that allow third party voice to be delivered to the consumer. any other knowledge about that? cheers.
Audio Stories are a great addition for members. πŸ™Œ I wonder what the process is for selecting stories to make audio versions of. πŸ€”
Soon you could be hearing you read it back to yourself. Would be cool if you could highlight sections to review in the text or listen to later.
Is there a story I can listen to for free? Before I decide to subscribe, I'd really like to hear an example.