Meditation Studio is a powerful, mobile-first meditation app. Enjoy. :)

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It's an honor to be featured here. Thank you everyone.
Beautiful, a great example of iOS design done right.
@dunlap_scott thank you for the kind comment Scott. That means a lot.
Original approach to meditation. Rewarded by an Apple Feature
Meditation still hasn't crept into my routine. Seems a startup-y thing that has really taken off recently. Curious to see how people have gotten into meditation in the first place? Would it be best for someone to guide you through it? I remember in the Jack Dorsey LIVE Chat he said that as part of his morning routine he meditates. I hear about all the benefits of clearing ones mind with meditating but I still would love to know how and why people like @jack get into it and how crucial it is as a daily routine. I'm partial to trying it out but just yet to quantify why.
@bentossell I think a pretty common entrypoint is Headspace - very well paced and approachable. Mindfulness is something that I try not to preach or evangelize, but at the same time it has a profound impact on your day-to-day happiness and I think it's something everyone should give a proper go to. If you don't want a tech-focused solution (c'mon, this is Product Hunt - who are we kidding?), your town probably has a local Buddhist centre offering drop-in meditation sessions and/or vipassana retreats; they'll typically be free/donation-based (in anycase, very affordable). Apps are a fine solution though, just make sure you go onto airplane mode and put your phone on the other side of the room so you're not tempted to play with it! That said, this app looks excellent, especially if you have your practice down and want to branch out into more varied meditations.
@jongold I definitely wouldn't be looking at a non-tech-focused solution haha ;) I downloaded Headspace previously and just didn't use it. It's more to do with me actually dedicating time to actually seeing it through I suppose!
@bentossell do it every single day and use a habit tracker to keep yourself accountable :) etc
@jongold would like to give it a go - we will see!
@bentossell with Mediation Studio you can schedule future sessions to stay on track and keep your motivated.
Is there any example of this app in use? Maybe it's just me, but I am instantly not interested in paying money for an app if there isn't a preview video showcasing what the app actually does.
@unseenvision Patrick, our app was just released so we don't have a video to post yet. Do you have any questions about the app I can answer?
@mdusing Thanks for the reply. As someone who is not well-versed at meditation but is interested in it, I wonder how the app actually works. My main question: Is each collection a pre-recorded "step-by-step" guided meditation session?
@unseenvision Patrick, we've set up a section of the app just for people new to meditation. We have Courses which are step-by-step guided groupings of mediations by our expert teachers. Our course, Meditation Essentials by Michael Apollo, is set up to help beginners learn to meditate. The Collections are groupings of meditations focused on a particular condition or goal, for example meditations designed to help you sleep are in the Sleep collection. Hope this helps. If there are specific topics or more courses you'd like to see please let me know.