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Thanks @bramk for the hunt! Hey Product Hunters! I’m excited to present you this project which is about meditation and mindfulness apps. It may seem too niche and targeted only to those who seek enlightenment or nirvana but in fact the most recent scientific studies prove that meditation practices also help with various aspects of our life like, for example, being able to focus on work, reduce stress and anxiety, boost creativity, improve sleep and much more. So I recommend you to check this curated collection of apps and see how meditation can change your life to the better. Enjoy the ride and have fun :) Levon
I'm a long term Zenify user, and it was great to see more apps of that type that are helping people to stay focused on things that matter, and keep all the anxiety in check. Thanks for the Hunt!
@vlad_larin Thanks Vlad!
It's a great idea to collect and track all apps for mindfulness and meditation. Keep calm as they say :)
@plokhoj Thanks Eugene :) Keep calm and meditate :)
Very comprehensive list. I have been trying to get into meditation for a while and this seems quite useful.