Cloud-synced mobile medication management platform

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I got a chance to demo this a while ago, it's pretty solid. It's more than just reminders, you can also set it up with friends so they can help keep track with you, if you need that extra push.
Hi All. Very excited to be here. I'm Omri, co-founder and CEO of Medisafe. Ask me anything!
Hi everyone - I head up marketing for MediSafe. Ask away!
Thank you for developing this product. Many of my clients take multiple medications a day. It is difficult for them to keep up with all of them. I have attended several national disability rights conferences where advocates tried to use existing apps to fill this need. This product has the potential to provide peace of mind to caretakers.
@leasemolina Thank you for taking the time to share.
While I see this as a completely useful tool when one is a caretaker or parent, I think this bit on their homepage is false: "People taking medication are typically not alone. A parent, child, spouse, or someone else close to them is taking some level of responsibility." I'd wager most people on medication from 18-65 are completely responsible for taking their medication.
@stttories It depends on why they're on medication, I think. I have a close relative in their 30's on meds for mental health, they do need reminders from family members. As did my grandfather in his 70's for other meds. Maybe their wording is off, but I think the sentiment is there.
@stttories Thanks. I understand what you're talking about but don't fully agree. Some stats: 700,000 people a year suffer a medical emergency due to mis-management of medication. 35,000 ppl a year die because of that. 86 million people in the US are diabetic or pre-diabetic. They sometimes need to take and we're there for them. 5% of women in the US have unplanned pregnancies, annually (54 of 1000). Even people 18-65 are busy and just forget. this forgetfulness can lead an emergency, pregnancy or just bad health. We've created Medisafe for them! The family connectivity and an added value.
@avizuber Important to note that mental health issues fall on a vast spectrum. I don't need to be reminded to take my medication because I can't live a full life without it. I'm moreso speaking from my experience and the experience of those around me who are on medication.
@omrishor The sentiment I was trying to get across is that the responsibility for taking medication often lays solely with the person taking it. My roommates and partners don't remind me to take medication, I'm 100% responsible for taking my medication. I'm not debating the definite need and purpose for your product, simply raising an issue with your wording.
@stttories What you said is 100% correct. It's ultimately a very personal issue, the product works for some and not for others. For those that *could* benefit from this sort of product, MediSafe happens offer a great UI/UX, so they got my upvote. But I equally hear what you're saying.