The app that puts yoga teachers and studios on the map

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Hey everyone! We are truly excited and honored to present a new app for the Yoga and Meditation realm! :) This app is just like UBER or Airbnb but for Yoga and Meditation classes near by. You browse the map according to your preference and you can reserve your spot by just clicking "GO". "Deemed the hybrid of Uber and AirBnb, Medidate maps out nearby gatherings for meditators, yoga doers, musicians, and practitioners of tai chi.... The great value of Medidate is that it is a network and tool to bring communities together. The clean graphics and multiple options make it easy to use and navigate. There is great potential for teachers to grow their network and for students to quickly find classes that align with their needs." ~YogiTimes Magazine Full article here: Searching for a Yoga partner?? Just add where and when you'll be practicing and invite anyone in your region to join you for a Yoga or Meditation practice in the park! We hope this platform brings more and more people together for worldwide meditation sessions. Any questions I'm here! Cheers, Ophir
Nice πŸ™
Good luck! ohmmmmmmmm
@ereztal1 Thank you!
i was about to write something like "the name Meditate implies an app which you can use to meditate with. People might be confused when they find out, that its a group finder instead of a meditate app". Then I saw that its actually MediDate. Dude, thats clever! best of luck :)
@gopietz Thank you Pietz, I'm glad it came to you :) Cheers!
@ophir443322 @gopietz I read it as meditate too. Metidate is a cool name but it kind of makes me think that it's a dating app. Just my 2 cents.
@larrykokoszka @gopietz Hey Larry, I thought of that myself :) Hopefully the more it gains popularity it will be obvious that its for someone to set a Date to do his Meditation/Yoga practice. And actually it's not a bad angel as well, this app can perhaps assist in people finding a companion not only in Yoga but in life :)
Very cool!
@noniisrael Thank you Noni! :)