Get notified immediately when you are mentioned online.

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Thanks for the questions! A bit of intro: Mediatoolkit is a real time media monitoring tool for businesses around the world that notifies you immediately when you are mentioned anywhere online and helps you create detailed reports and measure your online media activities. Regarding the similar services you’ve mentioned: Mention is a great entry level media monitoring tool thats a bit hard to use. We developed Mediatoolkit so that it can easily be used by anyone in your company. Furthermore Mediatoolkit allows you to get more detailed reports, custom alerts, more results, better support and is more affordable. Basically, Mediatoolkit is Mention on steroids :simple_smile: is more of a competitor website analytics platform. With Mediatoolkit you can get updates on new blog posts, Facebook posts or tweets from your competitors but we do not offer any statistics on their website traffic. Notify is “just” a Slack integration and doesn't provide any statistics and can not be used to track competitors, industry, more complex queries etc. Also, I'm happy to say that our Slack integration will be available in the next few days. What we believe in: The most valuable thing in the world is a piece of information - especially if it is relevant to your business. This is why we believe that everyone at your company should have access to it, and why we worked hard to create an online media monitoring tool that is easy-to-use for just about everyone, yet powerful enough to fulfil the wildest queries and requests of your most experienced PR or media monitoring specialist.
@t0mpa tell us about this :) How does it compare to Mention and Notify?
@bentossell Thanks for mentioning @t0mpa Good Job, looks neat! I believe it's different than Notify as Notify is mainly about real-time notifications and highly customised alerts while being free and has no limits on keywords and gives 50,000 mentions for free. And For Mediatoolkit, it's more about analytics and reports but the free plan gives only 1 keyword and a 100 mentions. Thanks for drawing a comparison to Notify. We are honored and good luck with your product.
We also use Does Mediatoolkit differ from them as well?
We have a great announcement to make! From now on you can integrate Mediatoolkit with Slack channels and groups! When you integrate Mediatoolkit with Slack you will receive a notification every time your brand is mentioned online and with only one click you can get detailed data and analytics behind every mention in Mediatoolkit dashboard.
We tested Mediatoolkit and it is quite a simple tool that lets you monitor the mentions about your brand on the internet. It lets you easily check the popularity of your brand and monitor what people say about your company on social media and other channels. Happy to recommend it at picksaas. ;)