Analyze your work patterns, connect w/ RescueTime

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Worth noting that this works in conjunction with RescueTime I've been using Escape for this sort of thing since I first found and hunted it!
@bentossell Ben, thanks for hunting Escape. Try this too, if you're using RescueTime. For me it's really motivating to see I've been going without a distraction for quite a while, and really makes me want to stay off social networks.
@bentossell for me Escape was fun and made me feel bad in a cute snarky way, but I open a lot of reading while my builds compile and so I was always "distracted". Rescue time let's me see what specific sites I got sucked into, mark what apps/sites are actually (un)productive and integrates really nicely with Gyroscope for better visuals. Excited to have a new outlet for the data!
@warpling yeah to be fair, all the sites I use day to day for work (PH included), are "distractions". I just like to see the time spent I don't necessarily analyse the distraction vs productivity in this context ha. But different people and different needs. I definitely see the value here
This looks great! It would be cool to integrate with Google Cal to see how the distraction and productive times sync up with my schedule for that day.
@jenleeny You might like my product Exist (, which connects RescueTime and Google Calendar (among other things). It finds correlations between different data types, and gives you a graph of all your data for the past 30 days so you can compare. It also auto-creates goals each day for your productive time based on your recent average for this day of the week.
@bellebcooper Just checked it out and it looks great. Are there any plans to add in integration with a meal tracker in addition to all the other connected services?
@jenleeny Yes! We have an open roadmap on Trello where our users suggest and vote for new integrations: Unfortunately MyFitnessPal, which is probably the most popular food tracker, only lets approved services use its API and we've been trying for years to get approved with no luck. We are planning to add food and water tracking soon from services we already integrate with, though (Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.). Most of those services integrate with MyFitnessPal, so it will be possible to get MFP data into Exist via another service.
I am using Gyroscope for this sort of thing plus it generates shareable cards and organizes data around productive and non productive so you can improve day to day efficiency
Here's my report for this week:
It's really too bad that RescueTime doesn't work on iOS. I really hope that it comes to the next OS upgrade. You should make an iOS app that tracks *when* you are on your phone, and add that to the timeline. It would be very helpful.