View your users' screens from Intercom, LiveChat and more!

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Median is the best way to see exactly what your customer is doing while chatting with them. It only takes one click and your customer doesn't need to install anything!

Sarah Chambers
Dylan Baumann
Matt Hoover
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  • Stephanie Faile Lundberg
    Stephanie Faile LundbergCustomer Happiness Hero

    Easy to Use, Accurate, Non-invasive


    Opens in a different window/browser

    Median is a fantastic tool for Support teams helping customers use web-based tools. It's easy to use, very quick, and low maintenance. Definitely recommend.

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Igor Ozherelyev
Igor Ozherelyev@oiv · CEO, LeadCooker
Awesome product 👏👏👏 That's exactly that we looking for 👍
Derek Homann
Derek HomannMaker@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
@oiv Thanks Igor! Looking forward to having you try it out!
Sarah Chambers
Sarah Chambers@sarahleeyoga · kayako, customer support evangelist
Hey Derek! Congrats on the PH launch. What kind of security have you put in place for agents interacting with customers using Median? Can they see the whole screen?
Derek Homann
Derek HomannMaker@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
@sarahleeyoga Hey Sarah! Great question. Security is one our top priorities, so we do a few things to make sure your agents are only seeing what they should be seeing: 1. Our software only allows you to see what your customers are doing on your site, so if they have the New York Times open on another browser tab or personal documents on their desktop, you won't be able to see that. 2. We exclude credit cards, social security numbers, and other sensitive information that shouldn't be sent via a screenshare session. We also give you the ability to super easily exclude inputs or forms so that your customer service team only sees what they should be seeing. 3. We don't collect or save any screensharing data. Screensharing information is transmitted in realtime, and the contents of screensharing sessions aren't recorded for later use. Hope that helps answer your questions. Cheers! Derek
Michael Walker
Michael Walker@michael_walker4 · Enthusiast
Hi! What about Median integrations, is it only Intercom and Live Chat? Or there are more? The idea seems great though!
Ben Stevinson
Ben StevinsonMaker@benstevinson · Co-Founder @ Median
@michael_walker4 Hi Michael! Median currently integrates with LiveChat, Intercom, Zendesk Chat, Olark, SnapEngage, Tawk.To, Drift, and Kustomer chat. We're pretty frequently adding new ones, too, so if you use something different, let us know!
Alex Shvalev
Alex Shvalev@alex_shvalev · CEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat
Great idea! 👏 We are also launching a new Live Chat service on Product Hunt today: We should definitely make an integration! 😉
Derek Homann
Derek HomannMaker@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
@alex_shvalev looks great! Send me an email at I'd love to figure out if we can make something work.
Adam Hollander
Adam Hollander@mwtbrowser · Founder @ Hotel Tech Report
Been waiting for something like this! Awesome execution gents!
Derek Homann
Derek HomannMaker@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
@mwtbrowser thank you! Give it a spin and let us know what you think.