Affordable office phone booths for London

MEAVO makes high-quality office phone booths for London's busy open-plan offices and co-working spaces. Give your employees privacy when they need it. No more taking calls in hallways or the staircase. Increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

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£1,999 (~$2,500) is a cheaper price than the recently launched, $3495 ROOM. Curious how it compares.
This is so cool!
@helloromero thanks so much! :-)
No sitting?
@kristofertm you can put in any standard bar stool. The shelf was specifically put at a height to accommodate this.
Amazing! How're the sales? Hope you got a lot of orders. Seems very nice
This is amazing @tmino! I can see stand-up phone booths becoming very popular in co-working spaces and perhaps even corporate offices for the quick conference call instead of booking-out larger meeting spaces. MEAVO coming soon to a co-working space near you ;) You guys should be joining forces together with Coworker 2.0.