Fighting Tinder objectification. Create a MeatFace selfie.

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My MeatFace: Disturbing.
Hey everyone I'm Lukas, a co-founder of Hello Velocity! This is a project we've been working on called MeatFace. It's web tool that lets you take selfies with t-bone steaks automatically superimposed over your face, for use in your Tinder profile ;-) The idea? Turn Tinder into a literal meat market in order to draw attention to how the swipe-based interface forces us to reduce ourselves to an image. (built using Microsoft face-recognition api if anyone is curious) We're an arts+tech group that makes odd things on the web! if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them either here or by email ( Would also love to see your MeatFaces if you're so inclined :)
@hilukas @hellovelocity I understand your intention, but this is like banning racist words to stop people from being racist. It doesn't solve the problem. We've evolved as human beings to make quick decisions on other people based on how they look. You do that whether you're on a dating app or you see someone in the street. It's not necessarily a Tinder problem.
@stephenmarklevi @hellovelocity You could also argue that the problem is exacerbated by the interface - Tinder is hardly some kind of state-of-nature human existence, and I would reject the argument from evolution on those grounds. Pairing swipe based judgement and tinder's semi personal anonymity results in increased online harassment. When you have a system in which 57% of women ( say that they have been harassed online you do not have a working platform.
@hilukas @hellovelocity online harassment is a completely separate issue. And you can deny biology all you want, we're programmed to judge people on the way they look. Threatening, safe, attractive, weak, untrustworthy etc. We all have natural bias towards these things.
@hilukas @hellovelocity Interesting idea, I will say, I always thought art was more powerful when it doesn't spell out what the message. I fail to see this argument through biology that some people peddle. As if everything we have evolved to do was somehow divine, anyway I definitely see a lot of shortcomings evolution has imposed on us that we should definitely avoid. No need to deny, ignore or anything as such simply be aware and do something about it which I assume is the intention of the project. We evolved to love a combo of fat, sugar and salt which doesn't seem to be working out so well for our species at this point.. Thanks for sharing this project!
Oh damn, now I'm hungry.
The more of them I see the more I think of them as adorable.