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Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
A big thank you to @torbahax for hunting this. Also, I would like to point out that I went with the .xyz domain BEFORE it was cool. Measured is all about human curation of music. Every week, you'll get sent one song that I like, and that I hope you'll like too. I'm trying to send stuff that not many people have heard yet. Measured was a project I put together over the weekend. Not only is Measured something I've wanted to exist, but it was also just a way for me to finally launch *something*. My coding know-how stops at HTML and CSS, plus I don't have any co-founders (yet), but I was still able to put Measured together with my MacBook and some mochas. In the future, I could see Measured turning into multiple newsletters with multiple curators. But for now, you're stuck with me and my music tastes. If you want to know anything about me or the product, feel free to leave a comment here (I'm staying up to respond to as many as possible). You can also find me on Twitter (@SomewhatJustin) or email me:
Andrew TorbaHunter@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
@somewhatjustin 1. Can confirm the .xyz statement. 2. Can confirm that the first song is epic. 3. Can confirm that Justin is a boss.
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@torbahax Aww, thanks! Really glad you're liking the song I sent out.
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
@somewhatjustin Future Spotify integration maybe, like every time you get the email it adds it to a dedicated playlist?
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@david_diam That's not a bad idea, I could see that working out. That could also help to address the problem of listening to songs from previous weeks. Thanks for the suggestion!
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Music curation newsletters FTW:) Added to my collection of ways to find new music:
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@dshan I'm in good company! Thanks, Derek.
Gabe Rios@fatfullstacks · Marketing Director - LTC
Love this! I have not found a good song recommendation engine besides just listening to Pandora all day. This really needs to be a crowdsourced thing however, figure out an algo to match curators with listeners (maybe use the spotify API!) and then you'll have a hell of a product.
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@fatfullstacks Thanks, Gabe! I've been thinking about how I can turn this little side-project into something bigger, and that could definitely work out. I think the best formula for music discovery is a mix of algorithms and human curation.
Noah Tovares@noahtovares · Zenrez
Justin, love the idea, and congrats on following through to launch. I've seen a couple other music related newsletters, and I've really enjoyed them. Excited to get my first song. I'll add this to (an app for reading email newsletters) asap!
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@noahtovares Thanks, Noah! Mlist seems really cool, I'm downloading the iPhone app right now.
Noah Tovares@noahtovares · Zenrez
@somewhatjustin thanks! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!
Ivo Dimchev@himynameisivo · Founder @Stereofox / Digital @blacklane
Cool idea, @somewhatjustin! Already signed up for the newsletter and looking forward to what's in the pipeline. Quite some music discovery websites have started from a simple newsletter. Do you have plans on expanding this somehow?
Justin FowlerMaker@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst,
@himynameisivo Glad you like it! If the idea continues to take off and people seem to like it, I do plan on adding more "channels" with more curators, and maybe even move beyond email to our own platform. Still speculative at this point, but I would like to see this keep going.