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Thanks @_jacksmith for the hunt! Hey, hunters! Indroducing Mealviser. Kinda Siri of calorie counters. Just tell Mealviser what you’ve had to eat and what type of exercise you’ve done today. Mealviser will track your calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake, then provide a custom meal recommendation for what to eat for dinner. You can choose from our huge library of recipes or choose dishes from nearby restaurants (USA only). Why is it coolest ever nutrition app? -It doesn’t require counting calories, log your food and get your next dinner suggestion. -It has an AI on board. We tortured top dietitians to make our AI know their secrets. -You can keep losing weight even if you skip a meal or overeat And YES it’s FREE with already included PRO features If that sounds interesting, just try! Let me know if you have any feedback!
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@alexey_fisun @_jacksmith Really cool seeing more innovation in this space. I use myfitnesspal now / have my macros set and have to count everything. While it's "easy" for me now (after months and months of doing it). Is definitely a huge barrier to most everyone. It's really too much work.
@mscccc @_jacksmith That's why we actually created Mealviser! :) Thanks for you feedback!
How is it different from Calorie Mama AI?
@lisadziuba Just checked Calorie Mama AI, Mealviser seems to be more professional in counting calories|fat|carbs|protein and ingredients, but the main difference is that Mealviser AI works more for the next meal suggestion instead of photo food tracking.
Hi there! Does it count other nutrients such as potassium etc?
@anyashpilman Not yet, how important is this for you?
@alexey_fisun I could be the only one needing it :) Thanks for the reply though
Really pleasant design, easy to understand, nice work! Might be a little disingenuous to call it "the only app that tells you what to eat" though ;)
@ldementhon Hi, it's nice to meet a fellow colleague. We believe that nobody does meal suggestions the way we do :) but anyway, we really appreciate your feedback!
FYI - item not available in the U.K. - Can you (@alexey_fisun) let us know when it is available in the U.K. please. thanks.
@freeman_faiz as soon as we polish proper UK food database I will make an update!