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Hello Product Hunt! 🎉 My team and I are really thrilled to launch Mealou. Who is Mealou? Mealou is a Facebook Messenger bot that recommends you the best restaurant, based on your tastes and desires. ⏰ Our bot is solving a simple problem: finding a restaurant takes too long! At work for lunch break or with friends, we waste precious time reviewing comments and ratings, checking itineraries, hours and photos. Mealou does all the searching for you, and takes you tastes and history into consideration to recommend you the restaurant you’ll like best, in less than a minute! 🚀 Don’t hesitate to give feedback and ask questions! Mealou is learning new things every day, thanks to all our users and great feedback we get from the community. We’ll be happy to answer questions about our tech stack. You can also reach out by email: Say hi to Mealou and get your first restaurant recommendation: Read Mealou’s tweets and jokes on Twitter: Thanks, Dorian Camilleri Technical Manager and co-creator of Mealou
@doriancamilleri @mealou where are the recommendations based? France?
@bentossell @mealou Hi Ben. Recommendations are based on your location. Mealou is searching for restaurants around you!
@bentossell @mealou @bentossell @mealou Hi Ben. Recommendations are based on your location. Mealou is searching for restaurants around you!
@doriancamilleri @mealou where do you source your recommendations and listings from?
This project is great! Any chance you open source it? As well, have you built it on top of WIT.AI?
@jacopodaeli Hi Jacopo! We are currently working on open-sourcing some the tools we used to develop Mealou. Especially a simplified version of our restaurant sorting algorithm. We'll keep you updated!
@doriancamilleri do you use WIT.AI or something else?
@jacopodaeli Yes, we use for NPL (extracting keywords from user messages). It's really fast, and they have no rate limits. However we don't use Stories, but our own decisional tree implementation.
@doriancamilleri Thanks for the info. I was actually sure you weren't use stories... especially because your project seems using conditional flows which are I think not supported by
For the "More Info" button, where are you all sourcing this data? All 4 of the restaurants I matched with returned an empty result after the query.
@jgmiller Hi Jake! The "Mote info" button is still under development. Mealou doesn't have data for all the restaurants. But he's getting better every day!
This needs Uber integration! :)
@chrismessina Definitely! Is there a public API we can use to integrate it ? :)
Hi! I tried the bot, and glad it knew restaurants in Stockholm. Well done! And I got a good recommendation to (a place I know from before). I didn't go there and I never answered the follow up questions, but it would be great if it asks for if there is anything on the menu to recommend, so in the future it would say "go to restaurant xyz and have their awesome lobster". Thanks for a good bot! Think I'll have use for this in the future.
@mikaellowgren Thanks for your feedback Mikael!