Meadow Platform

Turnkey software for medical cannabis dispensaries

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Thanks @hnshah for posting! Meadow is expanding beyond on-demand delivery to change the way medical cannabis dispensaries operate in California. We created Meadow Platform because we saw a need to provide quality software for dispensaries who are preparing for a regulated industry. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, also known as MMRSA (AB 266, SB 243, SB 643) has been signed by Gov Brown, and we see a need for technology platform that works for the $1.3B cannabis industry in California. Here are a handful of our amazing partners who are ready to serve you: The Apothecarium (San Francisco) BASA (San Francisco) California Wellness (North Bay) SPARC (San Francisco) ProperRx (East Bay) Thank you for being on the right side of history!
@hua so awesome! well done to you and the team... What do you think of @snoopdogg creating platforms such as Merry Jane and yesterday a product, Leafs by Snoop that really seems to bring cannabis culture away from its previous stereotypes and into the 21st Century tech world?
@bentossell @hua We're big fans of @snoopdogg and his team for raising the bar. Products like Merry Jane and Leafs are just the tip of the iceberg of innovative products coming to market. We have a pretty robust R&D department at Meadow so if you have any other recommendations, please let us know :)
Love the idea, and the potential for the micro-analytics that can arise from this type of inventory tracker. Do you integrate with POS systems (like Square or Revel) to provide real-time inventory management in-store and online? Or is inventory managed manually by the shop keeper? I can see this system getting extended for other small businesses that need to do a better job of linking their inventory to both online and offline transactions. Congratulations on the launch!
@rajamatage Thanks for the kind words. We've noticed a lot of challenges integrating with non-cannabis friendly systems. We're looking into solutions but usually outreach to these companies fall on deaf ears. Because of that, we're building the platform from the ground up with tight feedback cycles from our partners. We're solely focused on building tools for an industry that has largely been ignored and demonized.
@hua Makes perfect sense. It's fascinating to me that SMBs haven't fully embraced systems like this to manage their inventory (although I'm sure there are a lot of major hurdles like technical literacy, maintenance and cost that deter them from looking into this). Of course hit your stride with your exact demographic; that's the right way to do things. Best of luck on your continued expansion!
Congrats on the new feature, David!
how does this compare with already available solutions from companies like Triq?
@passingnotes sorry I haven't heard of Triq.
@hua they're more into greenhouse design and build, looks like they may have exited your space!
How sophisticated is this market? Are your customers more like farmers or more like, say, ecommerce operators on shopify?
@ikirigin It's a market that has existed largely underground for a long time from all members of the supply chain (farmers, distributors, producers, and delivery services). With legalization on the horizon and robust medical laws, we are seeing that these stakeholders need custom tools and a platform to help them streamline their operation and remain compliant.
@hua it's a green field opportunity ;)