Me3 2.0

Easily make new friends as an adult

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Thanks @bramk! After 1k Tribes formed in NYC, we’re opening up Me3 to the rest of the 🌍! Recap: Me3 is a mobile app that privately connects you to the most compatible people in your area through group chats of three (aka “Tribes”). How It Works: 1. Quizz yourself on your values, interests, lifestyle, personality, etc. 2. We find the most compatible people in your area and add you to Tribes. 3. Check out the highlights of your compatibility, chat, and meet up. Awesome friendships are one of the best parts of life. However, we’re often quick to shed old friendships and suck at making new ones. We get busy. We get picky. We get lazy. Hopefully Me3 will make adulting easier by helping you meet awesome people along the way. The ProductHunt community is so active online. I’d love to see you connecting offline too! 🤘 What’s New: - No Geo-Restrictions: Anyone can now complete their profile. - Expedition Mode: Widen your search radius if there aren’t enough compatible people in your area. - Personality Types: Find out what your personality has to say about you. - Text Me My Tribe: If we’re unable to form an epic Tribe immediately, uninstall the app and we’ll text you when it’s ready w/ a link to reinstall. - Face Detection: Profiles are already private, so users that are unwilling to show their face won’t be added to Tribes. - Higher Compatibility: We increased the minimum required level to be added to Tribes from 2 to 5 to ensure greater compatibility within the Tribes. Will be hanging out here all day to answer any questions you might have. (For all the designers cringing at our sporadic use of colors, we’re sorry. We’re in the middle of a rebranding and have no idea what we’re doing...)
@bramk @julianilson Hey Julian! Love the idea. Do you have any profanity filter or abuse detection implemented in Me3? I'm working on a startup called Kite AI, which uses machine learning to detect abuse/harassment. Would love to get in touch and talk about how our API can help improve your UX! Shoot me an email at justin at kiteai dot com if this sounds interesting to you.
@bramk @pottsjustin Sorry, this one slipped through the cracks. Given that we don't allow fake accounts, we haven't had any problems with abuse. And who doesn't use a bit of profanity when talking with good friends? ;) (It's actually a factor that our algorithm takes into account!) Thanks, though!
@bramk @julianilson Props to you guys for being proactive in thinking about and acting to stop abuse! If you need abuse/harassment detection in the future (we can determine good profanity / bad profanity 😃), or have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.